Forest Lawn – Glendale: Tondo Pitti Sarcophagus Memorial

Dramatically designed and beautifully crafted, this landmark property is prominently located at the entrance to the Triumphant Faith Terraces on Cathedral Drive, at one of the park’s highest elevations. Situated on a sweeping curve along the drive up the the Hall of the Crucifixion- Resurrection and adjacent to the Church of the Recessional, this magnificent property offers breathtaking views and exceptional park visibility. An exquisite marble bas-relief of Michelangelo’s Tondo Pitti tenderly watches over the eight-capacity marble sarcophagus. To heighten its stature, the sarcophagus is dramatically elevated on two steps and flanked by two beautiful white Carrara marble vases. For the discriminating individual that is seeking the preeminent property, this undeniably impressive location is perfect.



Triumphant Faith Terraces, Map E60, #50