Forest Lawn – Cypress: Tempi Madonna Sarcophagus Memorial

Located inside the Ascension Mausoleum, this gorgeous memorial features a large, intricately detailed amber marble sarcophagus atop a beautiful dark granite base and is framed by two marble vases. Sitting above this impressive eight-capacity sarcophagus is the marvelous bas-relief statue entitled Tempi Madonna, a stunning rendition of the noted 1508 painting by the Italian Renaissance artist, Raphael. The richly detailed white Carrara marble sculpture is set against a gorgeous mosaic background of hand-placed turquoise glass tiles and framed by an exquisite textured marble arch with column accents. Soft diffused sunlight streams down from the skylights above, illuminating the sumptuous granite walls and flooring and creating a blissful ambiance around this classic family memorial.



Sanctuary of Family Blessings, EL B, #76