Forest Lawn – Cypress: Madonna and Child with St. Martina and St. Agnes Sarcophagus Memorial

Located inside the Ascension Mausoleum at the end of the Sanctuary of Compassion, this breathtakingly beautiful memorial features a large, intricately veined four-capacity white Carrara marble sarcophagus resting atop a gorgeous dark granite base. Two marble vases flank the sarcophagus, which is set beneath a glorious mosaic rendition of El Greco’s celebrated 1597 painting Madonna and Child with St. Martina and St. Agnes and framed by intricate gold inlays set against stunning brown and wine-colored marble panels. Vibrant hand-cut glass tiles were individually placed to create this gorgeous mosaic, and the soft diffused sunlight streaming down from the ceiling skylight intensifies its glorious colors. Cool and quiet, this one-of-a-kind memorial offers the perfect spot for peaceful reflection.



Sanctuary of Compassion, EL A, #33