Forest Lawn – Long Beach: Sleeping Innocence

Forest Lawn Long Beach has seven premier distinguished property offerings located directly in front of the renowned 32-foot high Paradise mosaic, a dramatic rendition of Italian painter Raphael’s original fresco titled Disputation of the Holy Sacrament, found in Rome’s Vatican. All of these prestigious properties offer wonderful unobstructed views of the park.

Located to the far left of the mosaic, this tranquil property is guarded by the lovely statue, Sleeping Innocence, and includes four companion lawn crypts located directly in front of the statue. Sculpted from gorgeous Carrara marble, this depiction of a young mother gently cradling her child in her arms is the perfect embodiment of maternal love. The statue rests upon a granite base and is flanked by two marble vases that complete this lovely family memorial.



Gardens of the Sacrament, Map 6, #85